Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services validation/fact-checking services leave no scope for ambiguity or inaccuracy. We use streamlined processes and industry-leading best practices that ensure excellent quality and accuracy (facts/figures/relevance/logic) of content that is published by our clients.

  • Our background in research and analytics and our teams’ meticulous eye for detail allow us to identify inaccuracies or unsubstantiated statements to verify your research.
  • Being a specialized provider of bespoke financial and business research, we ensures proper logical flow using basics of Minto Pyramid and MECE principle.
  • Our teams can verify content across platforms to ensure it conforms to the originally cited sources, along with ensuring data accuracy and argument rationality.
  • Company-related data/numbers are vetted through filings and annual reports; other numbers are proof-read with specific client-provided sources.
  • We review and undertake secondary research to identify and flag more recent developments or material events that may over-ride the current content.
  • Our specialized experts (e.g. CFAs, sector experts) can also review proper usage of industry terms and credibility of arguments or rationale in documents.