New-age challenges such as shortened product cycles, globalization of competition, exposure to additional risk factors, and declining capital productivity have resulted in corporations exploring procurement as a strategic tool to manage operations efficiently and optimize costs effectively. Besides, there is an increasing need for corporates to manage enterprise risks in the event of supply chain disruptions.

Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services works closely with the supply management or procurement teams of corporates to create strategies around mitigating the business impact of such challenges. Our consultants help clients identify and evaluate the location of suitable markets and channel partners, identify negotiation levers, enable better category management, gain supplier market intelligence, understand value chain risks, and keep abreast of innovative global procurement solutions. Our services help clients develop a supply management strategy that is not only cost effective, but responsive, dynamic, and risk averse.

Clients hire our services to take advantage of our deep talent pool with long-standing experience in supply chain management coupled with our wide range of service offerings to help them develop holistic procurement strategies, gain a deeper understanding of emerging markets such as Asia and Latam, and get insightful and unbiased views on the industry. Our associates have experience in developing and managing procurement strategies from market and supplier identification to cost modeling and risk management.

Supplier Market Assessment

We help clients develop a strong understanding of the operating environment that their current and potential suppliers are exposed to and, hence, provide insights into major factors that drive decision making.

Vendor Selection

We assist clients in selecting vendors by first screening them and then conducting due diligence for operational stability, financial health, ownership and management structure, and compliance.

Cost Modeling

We help clients develop empirical cost models to effectively negotiate with vendors and understand price volatility risks associated with their products or services.


We assist client teams keep track of suppliers primarily with regards to their business and financial strength and performance vis-à-vis expectations. We also help keep a close eye on market factors that may necessitate changes or shifts in your procurement supplier management strategies.