Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services offers industry-leading monitoring, validation, editorial, and Presentation & Graphics (P&G) services to support its research and content offerings.

Validation Services

We uses streamlined processes and industry-leading best practices to ensure excellent quality and accuracy (facts/figures/relevance/logic) of content that is published by our clients.

Monitoring Services

Valuable insights gained from our news and social media monitoring services can enhance your overall planning and decision-making with respect to products, services, market positioning, and other important areas of business.

Editorial Services

Our editorial support services can help add value to your business’ written output by improving language, providing clarity, and guaranteeing consistency with the house style.

Presentation & Graphics (P&G) Services

We can prepare and format documents, create simplified high-impact graphs from complex data sets, transform slides into visually attractive presentations, and execute other custom layout and design assignments.