Over the past decade, Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services has partnered with some of the largest names in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry to help them understand the market and competitive landscape, improve efficiency and productivity, and formulate effective developmental and commercial strategies. Through our comprehensive and customized strategy and research services, we have also helped clients understand and adopt industry best practices as they evolve. Our industry experts and analysts provide them with timely insights, not just data.

Our pharmaceutical and life sciences clients have gained tangible business value through our unparalleled domain expertise, customized research offerings, and effective execution capabilities.

Services for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry include:

Policy, Research & Strategy

We help corporate teams identify and evaluate new growth areas, as well as critical developments in their operating ecosystem (such as policies, regulations, government reforms, and competition).

Corporate Strategy & Research: Our offerings range from conducting research to providing recommendations for issues facing pharma, biotech and medical devices firms including business unit strategy, overall corporate strategy, assisting in business growth and helping achieve better returns on investment.

Competitive Intelligence: Our customized and continued monitoring (through landscaping and assessment studies, newsletters, media monitors, etc.) of competition helps clients understand what their peers are engaged in, their strategies in different markets, pipeline, and marketing/sales operations.

Public Policy & Regulation: By analyzing and reporting emerging public policy issues and tracking trends in the regulatory and compliance environment, our team of domain experts help clients stay on top of what is relevant in the fields of public policy and regulation, as well as help identify trends and provide valuable insights.

Drug Discovery & Development

Our offerings span the entire gamut of drug discovery and development – market sizing and profiling to trend analysis and therapeutic area assessment.

Therapeutic Area Assessment: We conduct in-depth studies into disease areas to understand epidemiology, target population, current treatment standard of care, unmet needs, clinical trial landscapes, and pricing and reimbursement scenarios.

Pipeline Analysis & Benchmarking: Our pharma research teams perform in-depth analysis and monitoring of competitor pipelines by therapy area, their progress through phases, mechanism of action, time to market etc.

Licensing and Acquisition: Maintaining a healthy pipeline of molecules often defines the growth potential of pharma & biotech companies. We help our clients in prioritizing therapy areas and related products which are best suited to an organization’s strategic vision.

Portfolio Management: We help clients build an optimal product portfolio by assessing the commercial potential vs. development costs associated with these products by factoring in parameters including demand-supply gap and entry of generics.

Product Management and Sales & Marketing

We provide research and insights to pharma, biotech, and medical devices companies’ sales & marketing teams to help them deploy effective pre- and post-launch strategies.

Market Access and Pricing Research: Our in-depth research and analysis aides in successful market access for your products across geographies. Additionally, our experts provide actionable insights to help you formulate optimal pricing and reimbursement strategies.

Branding & Marketing: By studying ways in which consumers and patients access information – the media they use and the sources they value – we help clients gain a clear understanding of customers’ (physicians or patients) needs, buying patterns, and value perceptions so that clients can devise effective communication and marketing strategies.

Supply Chain Management: Optimizing and efficiently managing supply chain operations are crucial for pharmaceutical firms facing threats from stricter regulations, the entry of generics, higher research and development costs, etc. We have extensive experience in providing strategy and research support to clients in their supply chain optimization initiatives.

Performance and Measurement: We help in defining and tracking key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts and how your products and technologies are performing in the market. Our experienced analysts track a wide range of sources to identify information and trends that affect your strategy, market or product.

To know more about our Strategy & Research solutions for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, please email contact_maks@moodys.com