Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services has helped clients achieve their goals by providing support for corporate development, sales, market intelligence, and others. We have worked with our clients to track macro-level developments in the industry that can have a tangible impact on their businesses, and help them rethink and reshape their businesses for the future. Our comprehensive and customized strategy and research services help logistics and infrastructure owners and investors gain insights into market fundamentals.

  • Understand the market and identify changes in their underlying businesses
  • Generate actionable and timely insights (not just data) to realize growth objectives
  • Understand and develop effective developmental and commercial strategies
  • Improve efficiency for optimal utilization of assets
  • Discover and adopt industry best practices as they evolve
  • Leverage cost-effective strategic and business research capabilities

Service Segments:

Our services for the transportation and logistics industry include:

Corporate and BU strategy

Corporate Strategy

Our research and consulting team provides advisory services to logistics and infrastructure firms on their overall corporate strategy, aiding business growth, managing organizational change, helping achieve better returns on investment and keeping them abreast of opportunities and challenges emerging from policy and regulatory changes.

  • Business strategies
  • Market entry and expansion strategies
  • Conception and feasibility studies
  • Opportunity assessments
  • Buy/build options analysis
  • Commercial diligence
  • Business and collaboration models analysis
  • Technology impact, threat, and adoption analysis

BU Strategy

We help clients align their business unit level plans with the company’s overall objectives and targets and create frameworks for transitioning organizational models and reengineering operations based on unit-level capabilities and requirements.

  • Process restructuring, cost, and efficiency improvements
  • Capacity utilization and maximization
  • Demand analysis, segment cost structure analysis, etc.

Product and Service Strategy

We help clients define a strategy that creates the right mix to integrate adjacent business areas and design an effective innovation-driven product portfolio.

  • White space analysis
  • Product development, diversification, and rationalization
  • Product portfolio optimization
  • Revenue modeling – Customer demand and cost-to-serve
  • Service quality evaluation

Market and competitor intelligence

Industry/Segment/Country Market Analysis

We continuously monitor competition (businesses, market/sales, and customer intelligence and competitive landscaping), which ensures clients are up-to-date on their peers – their strategies in different markets, technologies, and marketing/sales operations.

  • Global, regional, country-specific industry/segment analysis
  • Demand analysis, industry segment cost structure analysis, etc.
  • Network, distribution, inter-modality, and traffic flow analysis and strategies
  • Trade and cargo statistics analysis and forecasting
  • Price economics
  • Contracts tracking and database maintenance

Company Profiling, Diligence, Benchmarking

We perform company profiling and diligence in various competitor and client segments to help our clients create strategic and tactical corporate strategies, gain competitive intelligence, and enhance business development activities.

  • Industry KPI analysis
  • Benchmarking of fleet, traffic, flow patterns, etc.
  • Benchmarking and profiling of competitors and clients – Financial and/or operational
  • Analysis of best practices in both competitor and client segments
  • Periodic newsletters capturing – New products/services, launches and features, acquisitions, initiatives, etc.

Supplier management

Supplier Market Assessment

Our supplier market assessment helps clients develop a strong understanding of the operating environment their current and potential suppliers are exposed to and, hence, provide insights into major factors that would drive their decision making.

Supplier Diligence and Screening

Supplier screening involves a series of steps aimed at creating a list of players (considered potential suppliers to the client) in a given market. This shortlisting process includes multi-stage filtering using multiple quantitative and qualitative criteria. Various stages of due diligence are conducted on the shortlisted companies to verify credentials and analyze their capabilities to sustainably provide the required services (operating model and requirement mapping, capability assessment, sustainability analysis, etc.).

RFI/RFP Process Management

We can manage the entire RFI/RFP cycle for its clients to validate and update the information collected through secondary research and to obtain additional information to complete the supplier diligence.

Corporate communications

We offer a broad suite of news and social media monitoring services, along with industry-leading content creation and editorial support.

  • Social media and news monitoring
  • Newsletter and content creation
  • Editorial and DTP support


We support clients’ business development teams across the sales cycle, serving them through a combination of different engagement models (acting as an extended arm), thus freeing up in-house teams to focus more on client-facing activities.

  • Sales intelligence
  • Pre-sales support
  • Client pitch books support
  • RFP support
  • CRM support

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