Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services offers comprehensive and customized strategy and research services to organizations in the aviation industry to help them meet complex and evolving needs of the industry. We have conducted in-depth research for clients and provided valuable insights into segments that have the largest share in revenue and capital investment in the global aviation industry.

Our clients range from legacy carriers and big-brand LCCs to global aircraft leasing firms, aircraft manufacturers, and airport operators. Our value proposition lies in providing cutting-edge research tailored to our aviation clients’ requirements.

Our services for aviation industry include:

Aircraft leasing

  • Macro-level study of multiple aspects that influence the overall aircraft leasing business in a particular geography or market, which includes:
    • Analysis of leasing demand in markets and lease rate trends for old and new aircraft
    • Study of market-entry strategies
    • Analysis of leasing industry landscape and industry performance
    • Market sizing and growth forecasts, with industry trends and projections
    • Regulatory and policy insights, with assessment of regulatory compliance
    • Analysis of aircraft deliveries, supply, and order book
    • Competitive benchmarking
  • Comprehensive company-level evaluation, which facilitates decision-making before commercial partnerships are arranged, and assessment of risks to existing portfolios:
    • Assessment of credit and risks
    • Identification and evaluation of lessees
    • Assessment of fleet mix, acquisitions, deployment, and order book/trends
    • Tracking of movements in aircraft value and inventory
    • Analysis of key performance indicators


  • Forecasts for aircraft demand, ASKs, AFTKs (overall traffic and capacity), and RPKs
  • Competitive benchmarking based on associated liabilities such as labor, aviation insurance, ATF/jet fuel, and lease charges
  • Analysis of market entry opportunities, including feasibility studies on new routes, changes to existing network, capacity, etc.


  • Analysis of potential for airport retail
  • Study of IT penetration among passengers – use of kiosks, mobile check-in, etc.
  • Assessment of opportunities for airline hubs and new airline engagements
  • Evaluation of city-side development and its potential
  • Trend analysis of traffic, freight, etc.

Aircraft Manufacturers
  • Study of the industry landscape including aircraft and engine manufacturers; ground handling; cargo; catering; and maintenance, repair, and overhaul
  • Analysis of trends, investments, and regulations
  • Identification of opportunities and partners and evaluation of potential growth in business
  • Quantitative analysis of profitability and cost structure
  • Analysis of key-metrics benchmarking

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