Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services provides strategy and business research services to corporate clients, helping them in formulating strategies, planning businesses, optimizing costs, driving sales growth, and improving tactical responsiveness. We work with a wide range of clients, from established Fortune 1000 corporations to young start-ups (seed stage, early stage, and growth stage). We have experience of working across multiple functions, including strategy, corporate development, market intelligence, procurement, business development, sales and marketing, and centralized research units.

Our experienced strategy services team is adept at executing multi-lingual research and consulting projects for clients in a wide variety of sectors, including Energy, Healthcare, Transportation and Infrastructure, TMT, and Aviation among others. A vast majority of our analysts hold MBAs or other similar advanced or specialized degrees, with experience of working with leading consulting and research firms, corporates, investment banks, and PE/VCs.

Over the years, our services have been used by clients to develop their growth strategies, understand market challenges, track and comprehend competitor moves, improve their sales pitch and cycle, understand and mitigate supply chain risks, optimize expenditure, and establish sustainable competitive advantages. Our expertise enables clients to extend, refine, and customize their strategies by region, industry, customer, and supplier, promoting improved decision-making and business impact. Our business model offers significant cost advantages to our clients compared with standard consultancy contracts or maintaining an in-house research team.

Corporate and Business Unit Strategy

We help central and divisional strategy teams to manage revenue, and identify and evaluate growth opportunities

Supply Management

We work with procurement teams to develop strategies for cost optimization and manage supply chain risks.

Sales & Marketing

We work with sales and marketing teams to develop a strategic framework for account planning and management, in addition to identifying and tracking clients.




Transportation and Logistics