Front-office support

Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services provides end-to-end support across the entire trade life cycle for traders, structurers, marketers, derivatives IT, and other front-office teams. We offer solutions across all asset classes, viz. equities, credit, commodities, FX, fixed income, and rates. Our Quants team provides support in pricing, structuring, and risk management of derivative products.

Trading strategies
Front-office technology

Middle-office support

Our expert guidance and support has helped the middle-office teams of major investment banks work as an effective control mechanism in mitigating risks during the trade life-cycle process.

We have strong knowledge of products and regulatory requirements, as well as an in-depth understanding of various middle-office and product control functions, all of which has greatly helped our clients migrate their trade booking systems from legacy to new platforms and also in real-time reporting of trade data as per regulatory norms.

Exotic trade reviews
Product control