Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services Editorial and Publishing teams help analysts add value to their research reports-equity, fixed income, and economics among others- by improving language, providing clarity, and ensuring consistency with the house style so that ideas are communicated both coherently and persuasively.

We have built extensive experience in supporting research production teams at large financial services companies. We offer a 24×5 delivery model through teams in India, Sri Lanka and Costa Rica. This has helped us develop a holistic understanding of the entire research production workflow – from editing and desktop publishing to printing and the research distribution. We can also provide editorial, formatting and design support by the hour or by product, with no commitment to minimum volumes required.

We have a dedicated team of senior editors, designers, and publishers with more than 10 years’ experience in supporting global capital market clients. Over the past decade, the team has worked closely with analysts around the globe and reviewed reports ranging from simple publications such as earnings notes and news digests to the more complex sector initiation packs and annual outlook reports. The team also works on associated content such as marketing material, investor communications, pitchbooks, and whitepapers for its clients.

Our Editorial and Publishing services include

Substantive Editing and Proofreading:
Pre-SA/regulatory review

  • Content Review
    • Ensure compliance with the client’s editorial guidelines and regulatory requirements, including that research be clear and fair
    • Ensure recommendations are substantiated by relevant data, and investment rationale contains logical integrity, realistic assumptions and risk assessment
    • Ensure research does not contain promissory language, exaggerated claims, gambling language, opinions that lack a reasonable basis, and unsubstantiated negative management commentary
    • Assess data accuracy
    • Ensure rating conformity with the client’s rating system
  • Compliance Review
    • Make a list of material mentions of companies (with an investment view)
    • Review the list against restricted trading lists, watch lists and the client’s internal restrictions
    • Coordinate compliance approval for the restricted mentions (with the client’s Compliance team and the analyst)
    • Add additional disclosures, if required
  • Disclosure Review
    • Prominence of disclosures, proper separation of disclosures and other disclaimers
    • Ensure inclusion of disclosures such as
      • Analyst certification
      • Client/analyst (household) disclosure
      • IB and other compensation disclosures
      • Meaning and distribution of ratings
      • Market-making disclosure

Substantive Editing

Review reports for grammar, structure and punctuation, commerciality, arguments and balance. Focus on language, providing clarity, and ensuring consistency with the house style so that ideas are communicated both coherently and persuasively


Review language and weed out “attention-to-detail” errors

Spectrum of Services

  • Presentation design/layout for internal, client, and marketing communication
  • Template designs in MS Office
    • Design individual slide layouts for presentations
    • Design new templates in MS Word/PowerPoint for reports and marketing material
    • Work with clients to enhance the visual appeal of existing templates
    • Provide design inputs for ad hoc requests
  • Automation and Conversion Services

We use tools including MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe Illustrator/CorelDRAW, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign/Quark Xpress

Formatting and Publishing:
Formatting and Report Publication

  • Format reports as per the client’s style guide
  • Ensure all exhibits/visuals are in line with the template
  • Check report tagging, generate mailing lists and publish the report to the portal (coordinate analyst/compliance/supervisory analyst sign off)
  • Update internal database and coordinate changes with Bloomberg/Reuters
  • Compile and coordinate conference books, special research such as Annual Outlook reports
  • Help analysts with infographics and other data representation exhibits