Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services provide outsourcing support to economists in leading sell-side and buy-side firms by assembling dedicated teams of cross-functional analysts to suit their requirements. Our macroeconomic team is led by ex-Chief Economists, ex-Directors of Research, ex-central bank economists, and academicians. Each analyst supporting our clients is backed by this senior team and by centres of excellence in related areas such as econometrics, statistical programming, macro data management, process automations, technology, and web solutions. Our analysts also have extensive experience in working with capital market databases such as Bloomberg, Datastream, Factiva, Haver Analytics, Reuters, Thomson One, and public data sources such as the central bank, ministry of finance, and other government Web sites.

Economists and investment strategists have leveraged our economic research support to increase the productivity of their teams and accelerate expansion of coverage in a cost-efficient manner. Our multi-disciplinary analysts provide end-to-end support across a variety of judgmental and rules-based tasks such as:

  • Automation of data extraction and collation
  • Economic calendar maintenance
  • Consensus forecasts support
  • Economic news flow monitoring
  • Data interpretation and real-time written commentaries on economic data releases
  • Economic conference presentations
  • Thematic write-ups on region-wide trends
  • Historical back-testing of investment strategies and asset allocation strategies
  • Stress testing, scenario analysis, and simulation testing of comparable investment strategies
  • Client requests and other ad hoc tasks that require economic data analysis and interpretation
  • Quarterly write-ups on countries
  • Forecasts of FX, rates, and other key variables
  • Testing of econometric models using statistical packages such as SAS, Stata, S-Plus, R, and MATLAB
  • Multi-lingual research writing and publication production support
  • Data management technology using SQL
  • Bespoke tool development

Our Other offerings under Quantitative Support: