Asset managers use third-party consultant databases (CDBs) as a key marketing tool to reach out to retail and institutional investors. In the past few years, investors have been leveraging information available on CDBs to avoid a lengthy and tedious RFP process. Therefore, it is imperative for asset managers to deploy an efficient mix of technology and analyst bandwidth to maximize returns from this channel.

Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services offers a unique and flexible CDB solution, which leverages our automated proprietary tool (EDGE) and CDB specialists. For asset managers, this means minimal time spent and hassle-free CDB updates. We have delivered 30-40% cost savings to our clients through our CDB solution. We design bespoke solutions to best suit our clients’ requirements. Our end-to-end CDB services help clients completely offload their CDB process responsibilities. Alternatively, when clients prefer, we help them with managing sub-processes such as data management, review of final uploads, new fund registrations, historical data uploads, and consultant questionnaires.

We have extensive experience in providing CDB update services to large global asset managers since 2008. Six of the top 20 asset management firms use our fund marketing services across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. We are a market leader in providing fund marketing services to global asset managers, hedge funds, investment firms, and boutique funds.

We cover more than 60 consultants, including eVestment Alliance, Callan Associates, Mercer GIMD, Camradata, Wilshire, Cambridge Associates, Informa, Equest, Barclays hedge, Eurohedge, and Lipper.

Our consultant database service offerings include the following:

  • Data sourcing from multiple channels such as clients’ internal teams, databases, and external data providers and processing data in multiple formats such as Excel, PDF, and email
  • Data cleansing, validation, formatting, and calculations
  • Automatic uploads for monthly, quarterly, and annual cycles
  • Qualitative and quantitative data uploads
  • Quality checks on data uploads and periodic data audits
  • Historical data uploads and review of existing strategies
  • New fund profile registrations
  • Responding to consultants’ questionnaires and DDQs
  • Custom-built proprietary platform (EDGE) to automate the CDB update process, reduce turnaround time, and increase efficiency
  • Detailed process documentation for knowledge retention