Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services has extensive experience in delivering sales and marketing support services to leading institutional asset managers, hedge funds and fund consultants. Our highly competent, multi-skilled team provides support to pre-sales, client services and marketing teams, thereby freeing up asset managers’ time to focus on assets under management (AuM) growth and facilitating better reach and communication with prospective investors and fund consultants.

Our technology solutions experts have automated many repetitive tasks by efficiently building automated tools to generate huge volumes of reports in minimal time, improve responsiveness to business users and clients and save millions of dollars.

Our Fund Marketing Support services include:

Digital Marketing
Complemented by deep capital markets experience and more than 10 years of expertise in offshore research and analytics services, We offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions and services to help banking, financial services and corporate clients stay ahead of the competition and adapt to changing consumer behavior.
RFP Services
We help Asset Management firms complete RFPs under tight deadlines and excel in providing first draft RFPs – (60-70% complete) which includes standard responses and quantitative data for key sections such as firm history, personnel, fund characteristics, investment philosophy, risk, compliance, legal and trading client services.
Consultant Database Updates
Asset Managers use third-party consultant databases as a key marketing tool, to reach out to retail and institutional investors.
Client Reporting
We are one-stop shop for end-to-end solutions of client reporting and performance measurement services.
Index analytics outsourcing
Fund Factsheets
We have a large asset management client base and understands the factsheet process thoroughly.
Investment Commentaries
We have a strong pedigree in writing investment commentary for institutional asset managers, investment banks, alternative investments/hedge funds, private equity firms and brokerages and advisories.
We have considerable experience in providing cost-effective pre-sales support for our clients. Our analysts prepare unbeatable pitch-books that help secure several key assignments for our clients.
Performance Attribution Measurement
Our team specialises in supporting all performance attribution measurement related business processes of investment and asset managers.
Investment banking offshoring
Flyers and Brochure
Our sales and marketing team creates a flyer specifically for you to illustrate the products and services you offer.