We support many financial institutions and companies by leveraging our deep domain experience, professional skills and expertise in the most modern technologies. We develop and customize applications to provide strategic client benefits through various functions.

Application Development and Maintenance

  • We offer complete lifecycle application development services including requirements assurance, application definition, application design, application building and testing, implementation and roll-out, and support requirements. Our quality management system establishes a solid foundation on which to deliver standard and benchmark application development lifecycle services
  • Our research teams offer top quality application maintenance services to transform client operations and information technology (IT) portfolios. Our consultants, both individually and collectively, take a proactive approach to software support, focusing on long-term functionality, stability, and preventive maintenance to circumvent problems usually attributable to, inter alia, incomplete or short-term solutions

Systems Integration

  • We possess exceptional skills and long experience of systems integration, enabling us to transform client businesses into consolidated, streamlined, optimally functioning organizations
  • Our dedicated and highly experienced consultants provide fully customized technological solutions, including value added integration services fully consistent with individual client business requirements
  • Our systems integration expertise optimizes technological customization, in accordance with client business objectives, size and organizational specifications

Quality Assurance

  • We help create and maintain robust, high performance client operating systems by providing quality assurance project services, including development, enhancement, maintenance, testing, and production support
  • Our quality assurance services enable clients to accelerate testing, reducing risks attributable to software defects capable of causing critical systems outages or otherwise adversely affecting business operations
  • Our processes are fully documented, comprehensively institutionalized, and accurately evaluated to increase our efficiency in future project deliveries

System Operations

  • We offer customized solutions satisfying all client IT systems requirements, freeing resources to manage business growth and development
  • We aim to simplify and streamline support functions to resolve problems both quickly and efficiently
  • Our systems services reduce client customer ownership costs while improving their service quality

Data Management and Migration

  • We enable clients to merge and migrate data from multiple source systems to new or single systems, both efficiently and accurately
  • We support clients through migration planning and execution, post-migration procedures, detailed reporting and testing

Business Intelligence

  • We provide a comprehensive range of business intelligence services, helping clients leverage structured data to promote effective decision-making, efficient financial management, mandatory regulatory compliance and high quality customer service
  • Our services include business intelligence road maps, data warehousing implementation, analytics, data mining, data quality and master data management
  • Our business intelligence and analytics solutions provide actionable intelligence capable of transforming companies, consistent with our clients’ strategic objectives