Our team has significant transactional experience in providing research support to PE Co-Investments. We provide end-to-end due-diligence, valuation, and monitoring support for Co-Investments in the following areas:


We help our clients analyze co-investment deals by conducting due diligence on target companies in conjunction with in-house investment teams. We also provide support in creating customized research reports for specific strategies or geographies, which help in narrowing down opportunities within a shorter timeframe:

  • Target Screening
  • Financial Health Analysis
  • Preliminary Investment Memos (PIM)
  • Industry and Market Research
  • Detailed Investment Memos (ICM)


We create dynamic fair market valuation models that help our clients derive the fair market value of each co-investment opportunity. We review relevant data and reports to perform valuations and prepare detailed and interactive models that assist portfolio managers in negotiating the right deal value:

  • Trading/Precedent Transaction Comparable Multiples
  • DCF Models Covering WACC Analysis, Free Cash Flows Projections, Terminal Value, and NPV Determination
  • Covenant Analysis and Valuation Summary
  • Probability-Weighted Expected Return Model
  • Capital Structure Analysis and Waterfall Distribution Model


We support our clients in designing well-structured dynamic co-investment monitoring models, allowing them to keep control over their co-investment assets and meet periodical audit requirements:

  • Co-Investment Lead sheets creation
  • Creation of Pro-forma Capitalization Table
  • Distribution Model and Report Generation
  • Covenant Summary report
  • Working Capital Analysis
  • Return Sensitivity Table