For over a decade, Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services has been the leading provider of bespoke research and consulting services to global private equity/venture capital (PE/VC) industry participants, including general and limited partners. Our integrated and best-in-class service offerings are designed to support direct, secondary, fund of funds (FoFs), and primary fund investments across all major private markets and asset classes. Our customized solutions reflect both our global expertise and strong regional knowledge. Our PE/VC clients utilize our expertise and experience in proactively sourcing and getting the most returns out of available investment opportunities. Partnering with us allows PE/VC firms to realize their long-term growth strategies by not only identifying great opportunities but also enhancing portfolio performance to derive maximum value out of their existing investments.

Engaging us, either on a retainer or a project-specific basis, provides clients the much needed flexibility in managing the highly volatile workflow common to the PE/VC industry. Our analysts ensure that all regular and critical functions of funds, such as opportunity screening, due diligence, periodic reporting, business development, portfolio monitoring, and whitepapers, are always up and running irrespective of any spikes in investment activity. Moreover, our analysts are highly effective at undertaking highly intense assignments during live opportunities, e.g., commercial due diligence, financial modeling, valuation analysis, all of which help PE/VC clients in reducing deal time significantly.

Private Equity Outsourcing, Venture Capital Outsourcing

Our PE/VC services include:

Private Equity Venture Capital
Direct Investments
We provide a wide range of research and consulting services throughout the investment lifecycle, including deal sourcing, target qualification, commercial due diligence, financial modeling, valuation, portfolio monitoring, investor reporting, and portfolio value enhancement.
Private Equity Venture Capital
FoFs and Primary Fund Investments
We are the leading market player, providing front-office outsourcing support to PE FoFs across various functions, including business development, investment due diligence, portfolio monitoring, fund database administration, and investor reporting activities.
Private Equity Venture Capital
Secondary Investments
We provide support to its PE clients in capitalizing opportunities in the complex and competitive secondary market. We assist our clients in locating buyers by fund type, strategies, and transaction preferences, as well as providing detailed information memorandum on the underlying funds due diligence.
Private Equity Venture Capital
We provide a range of research solutions to PE primary fund managers to help them execute co-investment deals that enhance their PE portfolios through deal-specific investments alongside traditional PE fund investments.