Through our monitoring services, we track multiple channels for our clients, including news and social media, stock markets, and key stakeholders, and analyze and report on the factors that are influencing their respective audience groups (investors, media, analyst, regulators, or customers). Moreover, we can track events and actions in every major global market to keep you abreast on what your competitors, stakeholders, regulators, or audience groups are engaged in or talking about or how their actions are shaping the business environment around you, both locally and globally.

Valuable insights gained from news and social media monitoring can enhance overall planning and decision-making with respect to products, services, market positioning, and other important areas of business.

Our offerings:

Social Media Monitoring

We actively monitor social media channels to gain insights into how a company, product, industry trend, brand, executive comment, etc. is being viewed and assessed by customers or critiques in general. Business intelligence gained by listening to the ‘buzz’ on social media helps companies stay informed and respond creatively to feedback.

News Media Monitoring

We monitor and report all important and relevant news stories (with a focus on the tier of outlets carrying them and their reach/distribution) that refer to your company, its brands, activities, industry, regulation, or a specified keyword. We help you know what company-related news/opinions are being presented across different media outlets either favorably or critically.


We offer customized newsletters that cover topics that are of interest to management or brand teams, including industry or regulatory developments. A newsletter typically includes a roundup and summary of all events and news to give you a bird’s eye view of the happenings in a particular market or sector at the start of your business day.

Competitor Monitoring

We track your competitors’ online presence by analyzing various news and social media platforms to ascertain the coverage it has received in leading news portals and blogs, along with reviews, sentiments, and perceptions surrounding its brands and products. Actively tracking competition and their media presence helps our clients identify opportunities and address issues not acknowledged by competing products/services.