Launched in November 2012, Sparsh is an informal trust formed by employees who are keen on working for the disadvantaged and contributing towards their betterment through ideas, efforts or donations. Sparsh aims to touch the lives of the underprivileged and brings together those who need help and those who can help them.
Sparsh deals with five main areas:
  • Women's Welfare
  • Child Welfare
  • Education & Employment
  • Environment
  • Health
Members identify relevant issues, and decide on appropriate causes to support. They then contact and collaborate with NGOs that meet this criteria.
  • Create awareness about the disadvantaged amongst our employees
  • Create a resource pool internally to support initiatives or nonprofit organizations of choice
  • Create an ideas pool to help different sections of the society
'Sparsh is a small try to get in touch with realities of human sufferings& making a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged'
Sparsh: Past Events
Besides the regular CSR initiatives, below are some examples of recent activities organised by Sparsh:
  • Saturday Class (Every Saturday): We established a Child Welfare group to support Siksha Mandir (Indian street schools). Every Saturday, volunteers work with students to broaden their knowledge of current and civic affairs and improve their written and spoken English skills
  • Painting Competition: We helped organise a painting competition at Siksha Mandir. to help students understand that 'learning can be fun' and to help them think of school as a welcoming and happy environment
  • Sparsh Cards: Volunteers organised a Diwali card kiosk, which converted many prize-winning entries from a painting competition into greetings cards. In addition, the project helped create internal resources to support other SPARSH initiatives