We highlight three questions we typically receive on our Risk Management Services.

1. Who are the typical users of our risk management services?
The following categories of firms use our risk management services:
1. Commercial banks
2. Sell-side firms
3. Enterprise risk management teams focused on regulatory reporting, stress testing, and model validation/revalidation
4. Buy-side firms focused on portfolio risk management, market risk modeling, and upgrading model inventory according to latest risk regulations
2. What services does Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services provide for institutions participating in regulatory stress tests (EBA stress test, PRA stress test, CCAR, DFAST)?
Regulatory risk management and stress testing require seasonal augmentation of staff experienced in risk management. Our teams has specialized skills in capital markets, risk management, quant programming, business analysis, and project management. Our clients can request for teams with skills specific to their staff augmentation needs.
Our analysts work alongside client teams to provide services such as formulation of structured and unstructured responses, benchmark creation and result validation (challenger models), project management (MIS dashboards), governance and controls documentation and review, and management of communication with the senior management and clients’ internal teams.
3.What engagement models does Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services use to provide risk services?
We offer a combination of engagement models to clients:
1. Onsite
2. Offshore
3. Onsite/Offshore
In the onsite model, our analysts work directly from an onsite client location. This model helps increase interaction between the two teams and allows faster access for our analysts to the client’s proprietary systems and tools, helping them gain expertise in complex tasks under close guidance of the client team.
In the offshore model, our analysts work from dedicated secure areas (DSAs), earmarked for each client at our delivery centers. Secured access to the client’s virtual network is facilitated through lease lines or Citrix. All our delivery centers undergo stringent audits and security measures, are ISO 27001 certified, and comply with client confidentiality requirements.
In the onsite/offshore model, our analysts work at onsite locations to kick start new assignments/perform complex tasks and have the option to move back offshore once the project moves to business-as-usual mode. This model is purely client driven and helps optimize costs.
For more information, please email us at contact_maks@moodys.com