Equity Research teams use our services to accelerate the pace of idea generation, expansion into new geographies, entry into new sectors, and ongoing maintenance research. By leveraging Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services, our clients’ in-house analysts are able to spend more time on activities that more directly generate revenues or investible ideas.

We provide offshore equity research support customized to each client’s requirements. Clients have significantly benefited by leveraging our equity research support.

Our equity analysts support client teams in model building, model maintenance, absolute and relative valuation, as well as data collection and analysis. Over the past five years, our analysts have built over 20,000 models across 18 sectors and helped in researching over 3,000 stocks. At a time of decreased research budgets and hiring constraints, Our analysts become a source of significant leverage by supporting time-intensive and repetitive tasks.

Our Equity Research support services include:

Financial Modeling

We provide financial modeling and company valuation support that is customized to each client’s needs. Our capabilities include populating historical financial data, creating first-cut structured forecast models, performing both simple and complex valuations, incorporating sensitivity analyses, and creating firm-specific standardized templates and databases. By engaging us, clients save substantial time and effort in updating financial models during earnings seasons and following corporate actions.

Background Research

We helps investment decision makers gather relevant quantitative and qualitative background information on companies, sectors, and themes to form opinions and make judgment calls. We does this background work in a customized fashion. A client beginning to cover a sector may want an introductory note that helps understand the basics. Another client well-versed in the same sector may want a detailed and analytical background presentation. We cater to these diverse requirements by listening carefully to client needs and delivering specific outputs. Our analysts save our clients valuable time by preparing these company notes or detailed packs.

Preparing Company and Sector Reports

We help clients draft large portions of company and sector reports. Our support is customized and aligned to each client’s unique layout, style, and context. Depending on a client’s requirements, our contribution to a final report can be as high as 90% of the output. We provide appropriate support in terms of conducting background research and analysis, writing sections of reports, and preparing tables and charts, depending on the report’s objective and audience.

Tracking and Analyzing News and Events

We help clients stay focused on relevant and actionable information. We monitor news and events and prepare updates, aligning each update to the client’s priorities and requirements. We also prepare automated watch lists for companies and sectors under coverage or under observation and are able to provide 24-hour emergency alerts on news flow. We also delivers weekly, monthly, or quarterly news-related analyses. We customize deliverables, both for clients’ internal circulation and for distribution to their respective end customers.

Monitoring and Synthesizing Broker Research

We help asset managers derive maximum value from Wall Street research. Our clients engage us to monitor and synthesize broker updates, reports, and models. As asset managers use diverse approaches in the way they use broker research, we customize the output to fit each client’s preference.

New Product Development

Investment banks looking to innovate and differentiate are increasingly focusing on creating non-report-based research products. Identifying the right products to invest in and then managing the entire product life-cycle, right from concept to roll-out, is a complex process. Investment banks leverage has unique position in the capital markets ecosystem to rapidly roll out differentiated research products.

Research Solution for Brokerages

A growing brokerage may not find it feasible to establish a research platform internally on account of the high investments and uncertain returns, high ongoing costs, high risk, and limited internal management bandwidth.

Forensic Analysis

Asset managers today use forensic analysis to spot accounting irregularities, corporate governance issues ahead of investing in their long ideas. Our forensic analysis services are designed to help CIOs, fund managers achieve superior investment performance by avoiding negative surprises or find shorting ideas. Our forensic experts have helped identify numerous financial reporting red flags, which, if undetected, could have led to negative investment performance.