Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services provides support across global equipment segments such as IT, transportation, office, healthcare, and energy. Our teams deliver high-quality analysis by combining their domain and sector expertise in the sales and origination, underwriting, portfolio monitoring asset management, and risk management.

Examples of value delivered to our clients;

  • Increased efficiency in the underwriting process with a centralized fundamental analysis for the credit team
  • Increased coverage and periodicity of loans monitored by the portfolio management team
  • Developed and maintained early warning systems to consistently monitor loan portfolio for timely actions on deteriorating loans, concentration risk, event risk, etc
  • Filtered and processed large flow of sector information for asset management team
  • Our analysts support a wide range of tasks across equipment lending functions. Credit and portfolio management teams leverage us to offer support with the preparation of loan appraisals, drafting preliminary risk ratings, maintaining annual reviews notes, analyzing the impact of events on a credit-risk profile, and preparing asset quality reports, etc. Sales and product teams use our teams to carry segment market studies, competitive benchmarking, aggregating sector information, etc.

    Our commercial lending services also cover the following areas: