Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services editorial support services can help add value to content by improving language, providing clarity, and guaranteeing consistency with the house style. This ensures that ideas are communicated both coherently and persuasively, particularly so in text written by those for whom English may not be their first language. Our editors address the entire spectrum of common errors in written English including these 5C’s.

  • Correctness – includes basic grammatical accuracy, capitalization, word usage, punctuation, technical terminology, spelling, checking for sequencing (lists, etc.)
  • Clarity – involves rewriting awkward sentences, and checking for relevance of text and headings.
  • Conciseness – includes eliminating wordiness and removing repetitions.
  • Cohesion – checking for flow, transition, and logical consistency (restructuring of ideas).
  • Consistency – removing formatting inconsistency (numbers, currency, etc.), ensuring consistency of style and tone.
  • We also provide multilingual translation support via trusted partners for research reports and other content offerings.