Origination and syndication teams leverage our support to increase their bankers’ time to focus on client-facing time to increase deal-win rates. Our market leadership in the credit space combined with experience across rating categories, products, and geographies, provides unmatched capabilities to global and regional firms. Our analysts have familiarity with a variety of data sources and are trained by debt capital markets experts.

The Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services teams are deeply integrated with the onshore teams to deliver tasks on a real-time basis. Our analysts support tasks across prospecting, structuring, marketing, market intelligence, and database management for straight bonds, hybrids, convertibles, emerging markets, securitized debt, and public finance.

Examples of value delivered to our clients;

  • Increased market visibility in new sectors by supporting creation and publication of annual sector books
  • Reduced product team’s time on periodic pricing updates
  • Improved consistency and standardization across pitch books by maintaining up-to-date standard slides and data
  • Monitor and maintain covenant compliance data for distribution

Our analysts support tasks such as optimal capital structure modelling, pricing updates for syndication teams, maintaining repository of slides for pitch books, maintaining case study databases, monitoring and reporting covenant compliance, preparing investor profiles, performing liquidity analysis, and screening for deals and opportunities.

Our commercial lending services also cover the following areas: