Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services associates work closely with our clients’ senior- and mid-level management teams on initiatives to enhance revenue, use capital efficiently, allocate resources effectively, track the operating eco-system, and develop effective information systems. We help our clients formulate or validate product and market strategies, undertake benchmarking and performance gap analysis, track market developments, and also perform target screening and diligence, and competitor analysis. The key users of our services include corporate strategy teams, M&A units, divisional and regional strategy teams, CXO offices, market and competitive intelligence teams, and product design units, among others.

For several years, we have partnered with some of the world’s leading consulting firms on multiple projects. Our team of highly trained strategy professionals is experienced in working on a wide range of strategy projects across sectors and geographies. In fact, many of our team members have worked directly with buyout PE funds. This allows them to bring to your projects the same level of unique insights that these specialist firms follow in executing turnaround and expansion strategies for value creation.

We have a marquee set of clients who have retained our services over the years to leverage multiple benefits that include high-quality output, end-to-end research offerings, cost arbitrage, flexible delivery models, multi-language research, and efficient knowledge management.

Market assessment

We work with clients to evaluate key characteristics and the potential of new markets, i.e., geographies or products. These studies help clients better understand industry and sector trends, macroeconomic scenarios and operating environments.

Market sizing and opportunity assessment

We follow a methodical approach towards market sizing studies, helping clients quantify potential opportunities. These studies develop sizing models, factoring in multiple drivers with options to run sensitivity/scenario analysis.

Market and competitive intelligence

We track a client’s ecosystem by providing timely and accurate information about markets and competitors. We deliver these insights through work products, such as databases, periodic reports and newsletters, and thought pieces using topical research and case analysis.


We conduct benchmarking of peer groups, competitors and select divisions (by region, size and/or offering) on operational, financial, valuation and functional parameters, among others. The exercise helps identify performance or value gaps, which act as inputs for strategy formulation.

Market Selection and entry

We help client teams not only select attractive markets for their business but also devise optimal market-entry strategies and make decisions regarding local manufacturing, local purchasing, importing, etc.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We work with M&A teams of clients to identify potential targets in geographies and markets of interest through a multi-level screening process and evaluate short-listed targets through the assessment of their internal and external environments, competitor analysis, and financial modelling and valuations.