Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services supports all types of CRE lending, including on-balance sheet, CMBS, and agencies across segments such as office, retail, industrial, hospitality, and multifamily. Our specialist real-estate teams have several years of experience supporting client teams in their origination through monitoring processes.

Examples of value delivered to our clients;

  • Reduced quote lead time for the origination team
  • Increased number of deals processed by the onshore team by supporting a significant portion of credit and property analysis for the underwriting team
  • Monitored underlying performance and covenant compliance of all loans and reduced negative surprises in the portfolios with updated risk ratings

We offer support on a range of tasks across CRE functions. Origination teams leverage us in the quote process to build historical operating statements, update rent rolls, input loan details, prepare property details with demographics, etc. Underwriting teams leverage support to prepare cash flow statements, update rent comps and other market data, lease abstractions, write credit narratives, etc. We support portfolio management teams in conducting covenant compliance reviews, updating rent comps and risk models, preparing asset summary reports, etc.

Our commercial lending services also cover the following areas: