This service creates tailored invitations with contact names to encourage participation with email marketing support. Email send-outs and follow-ups are managed by the in-house team. The team is capable of scaling an ad hoc campaign to a periodic tracker to help gather changes in perception over a period.

Our email campaign management services include:

  • Dummy campaign testing (controlled email blast within internal and external test audience)
  • Thorough check of the campaign list shared by the client to identify and correct erroneous details
  • Determination of target profiles, propositions, and plans to capture responses
  • Selection of data to match target audience (deduplication)
  • Determination of campaign schedules
  • Scripting of survey invites and main questionnaire
  • Live campaign tracking
  • End-of-campaign report detailing results, with suggestions for further optimization of future campaigns
  • Benchmark to compare results with historical data, competencies, business models, and geographies