We have more than 14 years of experience in supporting clients through our dashboard servicers by presenting data in a format easy to comprehend. Our teams’ expertise lies in Live dashboards, Online Tableau dashboards, and Offline Excel-based dashboards. Expressive visualization stretches beyond still charts to produce multi-faceted views of data and explore every dimension.

Dashboards quickly provide accurate answers to critical aspects (such as factors driving growth and areas in which a company is spending its resources) and a way to compute KPIs across all departments.

We offer different types of dashboards by using Flash Suite, HTML5, JQuery, CSS, JavaScript, MooTools, and tableau tools:

  • Online custom dashboards
  • Tableau dashboards
  • High-end Confirmit (Reportal)
  • Custom Decipher dashboards
  • Offline dashboards
    • PowerPoint
    • Excel/Macro

Salient features include:

  • Custom dashboards, which provide flexibility to clients to view real-time progress of a project
  • Optimization and conversion of reporting mechanism for web-based reviews
  • Common dashboard in order to view the progress of all current projects
  • Easy access to information of past projects
  • Availability of centralized and normalized data in a common repository
  • Immediate insights into individual, departmental, or enterprise performance using interactive graphical visual interface
  • Charting and reporting by using proprietary software and industry standard tools
  • Customized charting – Large/multicountry projects/tracker-specific solutions
  • Dashboard development – Online, Excel-based dashboard integrated with survey data for real-time/offline review
  • Platform friendly – Dashboards, charting solutions with dynamic resolution and functionality adaptation across platforms