Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services provides analysis and research products and services to leveraged finance teams.

Our services include:

Valuation and Modeling: Benchmarking, capital structures, covenant and coverage ratios, debt comparable company and indenture analyses, and leveraged buyout (LBO) modeling, comprising stress testing and scenario, leveraged headroom and liquidity analyses.

Qualitative and Descriptive: Capital market, company and industry overviews, comparative capital market and instrument studies, analyses of competitors and credit outlooks, reviews of legal entities and regulatory reviews.

Informatics and Processes: Briefing packs and PIBS, credentials, presentations, graphics, library services (BIS) and newsletters.

Deal Origination: Identification of deal or business opportunities, credit rating advisory services, initial due diligence, syndication and secondary market support, and preparation of debt applications for credit committee approval.

Debt Financing: Memorandums and financials analyses connected with debt raising, capital structure analyses and modeling, and qualitative and quantitative material preparation for financing process completion.

Debt Monitoring: Regular monitoring of financial performance and assessment of industry developments and implications, periodic credit quality, coverage and recovery assessments, and portfolio exposure analyses.

Risk Management and Restructuring: Support for restructuring and reorganizing company debt and business operations, preparation of restructuring plan memorandums, liquidity and solvency analyses and impaired loan advisory services.