Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services provides debt capital market analytics and research services covering straight debt, bond, loan, securitized debt, hybrid, structured product and regional asset markets, together with comprehensive process support, including market monitoring, sales and marketing, and deal execution.

Our services include:

Markets, Valuation, and Modeling: Debt and capital market overviews and updates, debt comparisons, financial modeling and valuation, capital structure, investor, peer group, benchmarking, yield, ratio, and rating analyses.

Qualitative and Descriptive: Outline and in-depth company and industry analyses, credit overviews and summaries, case studies, prospectus writing, pipeline analysis, analyst recommendation summaries, country analyses and pitch book support.

Informatics and Processes: Market newsletters, briefing packs/PIBS, credentials, investor databases, presentations, graphics and library services (BIS), bond price and volume graphs, market data analytics and new issue searches.

Debt Monitoring: Borrower financial statement monitoring, capital structure analyses, detailed indenture reviews, debt monitoring reports, covenants and headroom analyses.

Underwriting Process: Debt and trading comparisons, financial model maintenance, business plan reviews, legal entity diagrams, process coordination and documentation, and preparation of credit memorandums.