Moody’s Analytics Knowledge Services offers services to various global and regional investment banks through client-focused coverage teams, aligned by sector or geographically, in accordance with the internal team structure of the bank and its team size.

Over the years, We have built a team of professionals who understand client-specific criticalities and provide customized support on diverse product types. Our distinctive proposition stems from our experience working with a diverse set of clients in a variety of industry verticals, which has allowed us to acquire knowledge on various sectors and geographies, while becoming familiarized with their unique characteristics.

Our industry-dedicated client teams provide value-added support and insightful analysis to their bankers all through the life cycle of the deal, from origination and pitching to deal execution. The level of support ranges from daily, weekly, and monthly recurring deliveries to highly customized and complex analysis, including pitch books, valuation, and modeling. By engaging us, our clients are able to free-up their resources’ time for more revenue-generating activities, leading to higher revenue generation at lower costs.

Our services include:

Valuation and Modeling: Comparative company analysis, precedent transaction analysis, financial and operational benchmarking, capital structure analysis, WACC analysis, SOTP analysis, football field valuation and financial modeling (incorporating DCF modeling, LBO modeling, merger modeling, accretion and dilution analysis, and sensitivity and scenario analysis), as well as other customized ad-hoc analysis.

Qualitative and Descriptive: Company and country profiles, industry overviews/write-ups, thematic industry studies, pitch-book support, macro-economic studies, legal entity diagrams, management profiles, case studies, competitor landscaping, share price graphs, analyst recommendations, and other ad-hoc customized research.

Informatics and Processes: Regular external and internal newsletters, buyers lists, briefing packs, market updates, presentations and graphics services, library services (BIS), virtual data room (VDR) management, and investor databases.