Challenges in Model Risk Management

Financial firms rely on quantitative models for a broad range of business decisions. In recent years, banks have increased their reliance on sophisticated quantitative models to navigate through the maze of ever-evolving new and complex regulations, which has exposed them to model risk in the current dynamic business environment.

This interactive webinar brings together leading industry risk practitioners including Heads of Market Risk, Credit Risk, Model Validation, Model Risk Management, and Compliance and Internal Audit to discuss the latest trends, regulations, and practical

issues in model risk management. Further, the common pitfalls and challenges in model risk are discussed via case studies to understand and enhance the model risk management framework.

Overview Regulatory Perspective and Guidance
Model Risk – Definition, Causes, and Types Model Risk Management Framework – Common Pitfalls and Challenges
Niladri Ganguly
Risk Management Services
Mukesh Kumar
Vice President
Risk Management Services